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A picture of the gate at Coldstream at sunset. The sky is orange and an old-fashioned wooden sign that reads 'Coldstream Christian Camp' hangs at the top of a wooden frame.

our mission 

At Coldstream, our heart is to provide a place of rest, retreat, and refreshment in Christ for all God's children.

Within the scope of our rental facilities, we seek to provide affordable ways for churches, ministry workers, parachurch organizations, and nonprofits to experience a place where they can find rest. We exist for those looking to escape the day-to-day and spend some time in God's creation. We hope that every guest finds space to seek the heart of Christ on our property. 

We are not a low-cost AirBNB option- we are a ministry specifically designed to provide time away for those who dedicate their lives to serving the church and serving others, a place set apart for ministry, rest, and refreshment in the presence of Christ. 

Our rental facilities are a wonderful option for ministry workers on short-term furlough, pastors looking for a weekend away, men's and women's groups seeking fellowship, small churches needing more affordable campground options, and more. 

Within the scope of our youth camps, our goal is to partner with both families and churches to raise up generations of grace. We work to provide a place of rest, retreat, and spiritual growth for children and students of all ages and backgrounds. We believe ‘God Goes to Camp’- in an environment free from distraction, campers can hear the Gospel clearly. Our staff strive to create an atmosphere where any and all children can ask questions, worship freely, and “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”.

Our camps are faith-based but open to campers of all backgrounds.

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