4o Years of Faith-Flasback - Cont...

...  When Joe called him with the proposal, he didn’t expect a ‘yes’- after all, it was expensive, and maybe even impossible. But Bill said he was always up for a challenge, and told Joe to leave the details to him.On September 21, 1982, the big move began.


Joe and long-time supporters Tom, Jackie, Tim, and Flick all arrived to help. The building began to move down the highway, pulled by Bill’s big Mack road tractor and escorted by police.Utility workers drove ahead to to lift the power lines high enough for the building to pass under.

When they reached the railroad tracks, however, they encountered a problem: the communication wires that ran across the top of the tracks couldn’t be moved. If those wires were damaged, the entire local railroad system would be thrown into chaos. The building, which they had worked so hard to move all day, was far too tall to pass underneath.

The workers returned the next day to try and find a solution, but it looked like all their hopes were for nothing: the wires weren’t budging, and neither was the building.

As the project turned hopeless, a strange truck pulled up. It was a railway worker who happened to work in the communications office. When he heard the workers’ predicament, he volunteered to call the main office and have all communications and train traffic shut down for one hour. The move could proceed safely.

It was a strange coincidence, the railway man remarked as he went to make the call. He rarely left the communications office to come down to the tracks, but the railroad happened to be on strike. Any other day, the work crew would have had to turn around and give up.

But Joe believed in miracles. And as the future Denson Hall moved across the train tracks, he knew God had given them one that day.