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A hand holds a polaroid picture of an old white building taken in 1980 that would later become Denson Hall. In the background, the new, current Denson Hall (red with a white roof) stands.

The Story of Coldstream

Coldstream Christian Camp had its beginning in the heart of a young Robertson County, Tennessee farmer in the late 1970s. As a young boy growing up on a farm, Joe Goodman and his brother camped in a small clearing near the spring that now feeds the lake of Coldstream Christian Camp. At the time, his mind was far from using the land for the Lord's work. When his family mentioned the prospect of the land being used for a Christian camp, Joe was opposed to the idea-after all, that was farm land.

After spending several years away from the farm, Joe returned in 1967, married, and settled down to raise a family. He soon began to see the possibilities for just such a camp. The Lord impressed upon him that he should set aside a portion of his farm for a camping area. His initial goal was to use the camp as a retreat for pastors and missionaries, but it soon became apparent that God was to broaden the scope of the ministry to include ministry to couples, families, children, churches, and other church-related organizations. The necessary paperwork was filed, the camp incorporated, and tax-exempt status sought. Faith, prayers, and patience were answered by the granting of such status on November 5, 1980.

The work began... to God be the glory!

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