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is your organization a nonprofit?

Coldstream is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit. All donations are tax deductible, and we run our facilities with our mission in mind.


What is your mission? 

The short answer: to provide rest, retreat, and refreshment in Christ.

The long(er) answer: to provide lower-cost rental options for churches, parachurch organizations, nonprofits, and families/individuals in ministry or public service.

We are not a low-cost AirBNB option- we are a ministry specifically designed to provide time away for those who dedicate their lives to serving the church or serving their communities. 


When I try to book my dates on the site, it says “We can’t seem to find what you’re looking for. Try another search” even though the dates are available on the calendar- what do I do?

Close your browser and check back in 15 minutes! Our booking system will often place a temporary ‘hold’ on dates if someone has just viewed them.


Which facility is best for me or my group?

Our campground is best for large groups up to 95 people with a minimum of 30 in your group. This includes access to eight cabins (includes our accessible cabin), commercial kitchen, meeting hall, activity barn, bathhouse, and lake area. The campground is $1,000 per night for the first 40 people. Guests after the initial forty are $22 per person, per night (additional guest fees invoiced after your stay). 


For smaller groups, the Potters House sleeps 14 people and is $330 per night. Cots can be set up in the conference room of the Potter’s House to provide additional sleeping space (max occupancy is 20 guests, each guest after 14 is subjected to an additional fee of $22 per person, per night). This includes access to the lake area. 


For families or couples, the Lakeside Cottage maximum occupancy is 6 guests and is $165 per night. This includes access to the lake area.


How does booking work?

As of 2021, we do all of our booking through our website. It’s just like booking a room in a hotel online- click here to visit our reservations calendar. Please note that this system is best suited for viewing on a computer browser, not a mobile device.


Can I host an event here? 

Our campground rentals can accommodate retreats, youth camps, camp outs, and other events conducive to the nature of a rustic, outdoor facility. Prior approval is not required.

Weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties are not approved at this time in any facility.

For groups seeking to book the Potters House and/or Cottage for a day event that will at any time exceed the capacity of the facility being reserved (i.e., parties, conferences, workshops, etc.), please submit an event request to

Please include the following information in your email:

• Name of contact (first & last) and name of group/organization

• Phone number

• Email

• Request description

• Number of guests anticipated

Event requests must be approved by Coldstream. Additional fees may apply to events.

Booking online does not guarantee your reservation for an event. All events require Coldstream’s approval and will be paid for via a custom invoice.

Hosting an event at a facility without prior approval will result in the termination of the remainder of your booking with no refund.


I need to cancel my reservation. What do I do? 

Send us an email at with your reservation information and we can process your cancellation. Cancellation at all facilities within 30 days of arrival date will result in a forfeiture of deposit. For cancellations prior to 30 days of arrival date, a 3% cancellation fee will be applied to cover processing fees. In a lieu of a refund, payments may be transferred to a new set of available dates. 


Is rustic camping available (i.e., tent camping)?

Tent camping is available for groups that meet our guest minimum (i.e, scout troops). Pricing is custom to each group as it depends on the time of year, number of guests, and the use of the facilities. Contact us directly for more info.

At this time, we do not have any RV/camper hookups on property. 


I have more people than what the limit states for a facility, can I still book?

If your group will exceed the max occupancy of any of our facilities, consider booking another facility on our property to supplement space. Unfortunately, occupancy limits are firm and we are unable to accommodate groups that exceed those limits. Children under the age of two are not included in the guest count.


Failing to report the accurate number of individuals during your stay will result in termination of the remainder of your booking with no refund.


I want to book multiple facilities on the property, can I do it all at once?

To book multiple facilities (i.e., booking the Potter’s House and Cottage together), you will have to book each facility separately on the site. This will result in multiple transactions on your payment method. If this poses an issue, please email us at and we can create a custom invoice for your reservation. 


I need to request a check-in or check-out time different from what is stated. 

Please contact to request a potential early check-in/late check-out time. These times are not guaranteed and come at an additional cost, due to the time constraints on our housekeeping staff. 

If you arrive early to a property or depart late, you may be charged. Thank you for respecting check-in/check-out procedures.


Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed at any Coldstream facility. Service animals must be cleared with us beforehand; we require proper documentation of the animal and its purpose for insurance purposes. Failure to notify us of an animal on the property will result in a termination of your booking with no refunds. 


I rented a facility and there were other people on the property. 

A stay at one of our facilities does not guarantee exclusive use of the property. All three rental facilities have use of the lake, walking trails, and roads. Coldstream is also adjacent to two working farms, which means you may see workers or equipment in the fields or using the roads. 


The Potters House has a basement apartment with a separate entrance and exit for camp staff; however, you share no facilities with them.


What does the clean-up/check-out process look like?

Upon booking, you will receive an email outlining the steps you need to take regarding checking out (stripping beds, setting thermostats, etc.). These differ for each facility.


Failure to complete the check-out procedure correctly will result in a charge. 


Is there wifi access or cable TV? 

Due to the rural nature of our property, wifi access may be unpredictable and is often disrupted due to storms or equipment failure out of our control. 

AS OF LATE 2022:

Our campground has consistent wifi access, pending weather

The Potters House has consistent wifi access, pending weather

The Lakeside Cottage does not have consistent wifi access


None of our facilities have cable TV. We hope you take advantage and enjoy the beautiful property!


Are there laundry facilities? 

The Potters House is our only rental equipped with laundry facilities. 


Is alcohol allowed on the property? 

At this time, we ask that you do not consume alcohol on camp property. 


Is fishing or hunting allowed on the property? 

Catch and release fishing is permitted- our lake is stocked with bass, catfish, and bluegill! Hunting is not permitted. 

Killing of an animal on Coldstream property will result in termination of your reservation with no refund, and barring from future bookings.


How far ahead do I need to book?

For peak season (May-October), we recommend booking the campground a year in advance. For the Potters House and Cottage, we recommend 6-8 months in advance. 


Check out our Youths Camps FAQs here.

For all other questions, please contact us directly. 

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